Ingrid Krause has been a horseperson her entire life.

Growing up in Germany, Ingrid has loved horses as long as she could remember. In 1984, she and her husband, Carlo, bought and refurbished a small hobby farm in Middleton, Wisconsin. In 1989, Ingrid decided she wanted to raise Haflingers and Sportponies, and she hasn't looked back since. Ingrid has since raised, sold, and loved dozens of horses and ponies and enjoys promoting the Haflinger breed and her Haflinger crosses.

Our Mission

To promote responsible breeding and horse ownership, develop and train outstanding Haflingers and Sportponies, and have fun with our horses!

Ingrid helped me find my dream horse - a beautiful Haflinger mare that I love to pieces!
— B.T., Cross Plains, Wis.

What We've Achieved

  • Successfully imported new and outstanding Haflinger lines from Europe
  • Competed and won through the Preliminary Level in Combined Driving
  • Competed through the Novice Level in Eventing
  • Competed successfully from Training Level through Prix St. Georges Dressage with both Haflingers and Sportponies
  • Approved horses with the American Sportpony Registry
  • Matched horses and owners at all levels and abilities